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MainWindow Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 MainWindow (BaseObjectType *cobject, const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Glade::Xml > &x)
virtual void onSinkInputTypeComboBoxChanged ()
virtual void onSinkTypeComboBoxChanged ()
virtual void onSourceOutputTypeComboBoxChanged ()
virtual void onSourceTypeComboBoxChanged ()
void removeClient (uint32_t index)
void removeSink (uint32_t index)
void removeSinkInput (uint32_t index)
void removeSource (uint32_t index)
void removeSourceOutput (uint32_t index)
void updateClient (const pa_client_info &info)
void updateDeviceVisibility ()
void updateServer (const pa_server_info &info)
void updateSink (const pa_sink_info &info)
void updateSinkInput (const pa_sink_input_info &info)
void updateSource (const pa_source_info &info)
void updateSourceOutput (const pa_source_output_info &info)

Static Public Member Functions

static MainWindowcreate ()

Public Attributes

std::map< uint32_t, char * > clientNames
Glib::ustring defaultSinkName
Glib::ustring defaultSourceName
Gtk::Label * noRecsLabel
Gtk::Label * noSinksLabel
Gtk::Label * noSourcesLabel
Gtk::Label * noStreamsLabel
Gtk::Notebook * notebook
Gtk::VBox * recsVBox
SinkInputType showSinkInputType
SinkType showSinkType
SourceOutputType showSourceOutputType
SourceType showSourceType
Gtk::ComboBox * sinkInputTypeComboBox
std::map< uint32_t,
SinkInputWidget * > 
Gtk::VBox * sinksVBox
Gtk::ComboBox * sinkTypeComboBox
std::map< uint32_t, SinkWidget * > sinkWidgets
Gtk::ComboBox * sourceOutputTypeComboBox
std::map< uint32_t,
SourceOutputWidget * > 
Gtk::VBox * sourcesVBox
Gtk::ComboBox * sourceTypeComboBox
std::map< uint32_t,
SourceWidget * > 
Gtk::VBox * streamsVBox

Protected Member Functions

virtual void on_realize ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 255 of file pavucontrol.cc.

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