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SinkInputWidget Class Reference

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struct  SinkMenuItem

Public Member Functions

void buildMenu ()
void clearMenu ()
virtual void executeVolumeUpdate ()
virtual void onKill ()
void onMenuDeactivated ()
virtual void onMuteToggleButton ()
void onStreamToggleButton ()
void popupMenuPosition (int &x, int &y, bool &push_in)
virtual void prepareMenu ()
void setChannelMap (const pa_channel_map &m, bool can_decibel)
void setVolume (const pa_cvolume &volume, bool force)
 SinkInputWidget (BaseObjectType *cobject, const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Glade::Xml > &x)
bool timeoutEvent ()
virtual void updateChannelVolume (int channel, pa_volume_t v)

Static Public Member Functions

static SinkInputWidgetcreate ()

Public Attributes

Gtk::Label * boldNameLabel
pa_channel_map channelMap
Gtk::VBox * channelsVBox
ChannelWidgetchannelWidgets [PA_CHANNELS_MAX]
uint32_t clientIndex
uint32_t index
Gtk::MenuItem killMenuItem
Gtk::ToggleButton * lockToggleButton
Gtk::Menu menu
Gtk::ToggleButton * muteToggleButton
Gtk::Label * nameLabel
uint32_t sinkIndex
std::map< uint32_t,
SinkMenuItem * > 
Gtk::ToggleButton * streamToggleButton
Gtk::Menu submenu
sigc::connection timeoutConnection
Gtk::MenuItem titleMenuItem
SinkInputType type
bool updating
pa_cvolume volume

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool on_button_press_event (GdkEventButton *event)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 177 of file pavucontrol.cc.

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